The academy offers some professional courses which includes, Web design, Digital marketing, Cyber Security, Video Editing, App development on Andriod and IOS, JAVASCRIPT, Networking, PHP, PYTHON, LARAVEL etc. for their trainee. Edric Tech Solution Limited offer corporate, group and individual training for their students. The academy runs executive and group class for their trainees. Our classes offer students the opportunity to reach their potential.

Further more to our students, we make our training 70% practical which means each student goes home with a project at the end of each class to practice what he/she learnt before coming for the next class. In Edric Tech Academy, we run executive and group class for our students to suit their schedule. Our classes offer students the opportunity to reach their potential, The academy has trained and certified several IT professionals who are thriving in the various fields of ICT and its peripheral industry.

Welcome to Edric Tech Solution Limited

We are one of the leading IT firms in Nigeria Registered by Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria in 2nd of October 2019 with registration No. RC 1620400. We offer advanced IT solutions to companies, organizations and institutions for efficient and effective operation.

We also run an ICT academy, Edric Tech Academy offers professional IT training for individuals and corporate group at affordable prices and in a convenient and conducive environment that facilities learning. The academy offers corporate training services for executives and organizations on web design and computer programming, productivity skills, Branding, Software Development, Basic Computers, Video Editing. This helps in sharpening the skills of the organizationsâ staff, thereby granting the organizations competitive advantage in the competitive business world.

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Our Mission

Offering dynamic and functional ICT solutions.


Our Vision

To become the leading brand in ICT solution delivery in Nigeria.


Aims and Objectives

To prepare the learners for the society of tomorrow by making them adaptable users of ICT who have the necessary openness and flexibility of mind to be able to adjust to future changes in the technology.

Working With Excellent


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