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AMES PIPE MILL & COATING PLANT LTD, is an indigenous company primarily set up in Nigeria, to cost effectively provide resources, engineering design, milling, coating, handling, storage, and transportation of Longitudinal Submerged Arc Welded (LSAW Steel Pipe) services in support of oil, gas, water, chemical processing, mining, refining, electric utility, transportation and marine industries. We are also to protect all the pipe metals and concrete surfaces (including corrosion and erosion) by coating and blocking environmental attacks where aggressive chemical solutions, gases, mechanical forces and high temperatures that are at play. We manage and handle industrial equipment and materials with our large Inland Logistic Base in Niger Delta. Our team of experienced and highly skilled managers, administrators, engineers and consultants has deep knowledge and expertise to successfully manage and operate a pipe manufacturing, coating, project management, engineering, general procurement, marine and land logistic services. More
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