Foare Mushroom Farms Global LCC

Foare Mushroom Farms Global LCC was founded in years ago, It was registered with the cooperate affair commission as a global economy growth products. FMFG mission was to create economic empowerment and sustainability, by training and investing in local grassroots and international farmers through agri-business. We have trained serval local farmers in the cultivation and […]

Zeeno Dentals

Zeeno Dentals is an oral healthcare delivering organization in the private healthcare industry of Nigeria. We offer a unique blend of products due to the versatility of our operational platforms; thus we offer premier mobile dental care for individuals and families. We also offer dental clinical services for individuals, families and organizations. More

Rutete Mansion

Rutete Mansion Nig Ltd is a fashion company owned by Ruth Ehiarinmwian and Specialize in rendering the best in Hair, Makeup, Cosmetics and Clothing. Rutete Mansion is known for its quality, its attention to beauty is beyond the imagination of the common man, having well trained staff by renowned beauty outfits in and outside the […]


Pet-Ekhosa Nig Com(Pekosa Foods) vision is to become one of the pace setter in the Nutritional health Foods producer through diligence, innovation, development and management of available resources. With Nigeria quest to diversify the products base of the economy through non oil export to fast track markets oriented private sector driven economies through market oriented […]


At the core of LIBERTY HILLS, there is a passion and a focus inherent in every endeavor we have undertaken, Driven by passion and focus; success is achieved by first establishing a solid infrastructure required to make a vision unfold – before pursuing such goals;

I .   E   N W A E Z E   L I M I T E D

I .   E   N W A E Z E   L I M I T E D is committed to delivering the best in Products and Services to its Customers, and has taken a leadership position in the Nigerian Battery Industry. We are a professionally established and managed Retail & Service Center with an enviable Sales […]


We are an award winning construction company focused on user-driven outcomes. We strive to create meaningful connections for users through considered strategy and innovation in the digital space. Through our passion, our people and the work we do with our clients, we have opportunities to shape the future of our world, every day. We always […]

E.O Igwe

E.O Igwe is an indigenous company incorporated years ago, with registration number 2430613 with a view to provide UK used and new motors spare parts including all types of bearings. The main trust of our activities cut across Heavy duty Bearing of all model, Bp Axle model, York Axle model, Bp Axle Rails ,York Axle […]

Al Emlaaq Supermarket

Al Emlaaq Supermarket is one of the largest and first African supermarkets in the UAE. It is located in the Emirate of Sharjah. The company is involved in the distribution of food items only made in Africa and especially Nigeria. We deal on both whole sale and retail. Al Emlaaq supermarket. Our items are in […]

AMES Pipemill and Coating Plant Limited

AMES PIPE MILL & COATING PLANT LTD, is an indigenous company primarily set up in Nigeria, to cost effectively provide resources, engineering design, milling, coating, handling, storage, and transportation of Longitudinal Submerged Arc Welded (LSAW Steel Pipe) services in support of oil, gas, water, chemical processing, mining, refining, electric utility, transportation and marine industries. We […]