The Bayelsa State Government has directed that no filling station should sell petrol above N230 per litre.

Though the national price is N165, the government said the fixed amount would ensure availability until fuel scarcity ends.

Deputy Governor, Lawrence Ewhrudjakpo inaugurated a monitoring team on the pricing and distribution of petroleum products on Thursday.

Ewhrudjakpo also directed that no consumer should get more than 25 litres in a jerrycan, NAN reports.

Assuring that the government was taking steps to manage the situation, he lamented that Bayelsa had the least NNPC allocation of petrol.

The deputy governor said the state’s payment of the same amount for fuel subsidy as states with lion share of allocation was robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Ewhrudjakpo disclosed that Bayelsa would consider constructing a fuel depot due to the unavailability of fuel.

Chairman, Bayelsa State Petroleum Taskforce, Richman Samuel, said negotiations brought down the price from N300 per litre to N230.

Chairman, Petroleum Products Retail Outlets Owners Association of Nigeria (PETROAN), Dukumor Taremi-West, promised that marketers would not take undue advantage of consumers.

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