The world has evolved into a global village, making its inhabitants try and catch up with it. Nigeria amidst the change is still behind schedule.

Meeting Taiyemise and Samuel will give you a rude awakening, they were paned through the questions with responses like adults.

Their replies and composure were not expected of kids their age and their confidence in their choices and personalities outweigh reasoning, but you will always meet outliers.

Interestingly, some Nigerian schools in a bid to meet up with international standards have introduced Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) classes into the curriculum.

Although schools are on lockdown with the advent of the pandemic, some parents saw an opportunity to brace their kids up for the future by signing up for virtual stem classes. Two of these lucky children are Taiyemise and Daniel.

The Guardian Life sits down with two technological-savvy children, to see the way forward.

Let us know you?
O: Onioluwa Taiyemise Mercy, I am 9 years old. I am in basic 5 and I am from Osun state.
S: My name is Samuel Olukoremiwa. I am in SS2, I am 14(fourteen )years of age, I am an indigene of Ogun state, Abeokuta to be precise.

What area of Computing do you like (Game development/ Coding/ Web design/ A.I ). Do you have any projects you would like to tell us about?
O: Web design, not yet.
D: Web design, I am creating a website for a company named ‘Qc advance’ they loan people money with a 25% discount.

What do you think the government can improve on to make technology more accessible to children like you?
O: They have to improve the light sector so that there will be power to power our gadgets. They should also create programs for kids to learn more about technology.
S: Reducing the fee of data charges and electricity.

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