Innovators under the aegis of Technology Ecosystem Dialogue (TED) have canvassed funding and support for startups and hubs to promote digital job creation in the country.

TED, led by the founder, Young Innovators of Nigeria (YIN), Mr. Abu Andrew, said the government’s intervention will curb the insecurity and idleness among youths.

While acknowledging that the Federal Government has been making efforts on diversification of the economy, the innovators said there’s more to be done to encourage startups and SMEs.

They made this known during an interactive session themed: ‘Technology Policies: A Catalyst for Sustainable Job Creation’.

They urged the government to prioritize support for innovation hubs and ICT and green tech development-based advocacy organizations.

The innovators further enjoined the government to interface regularly through consultation with the tech ecosystem before far-reaching policy decisions are implemented.

They demanded that government invest and set the appropriate framework for the development of the green economy sub-sector, noting that there are prospects of over five million emerging new jobs.

“The youths of this region are reputed to be ingenious, hence the need to channel this ingenuity to productive purposes for the common good”.

Initiatives such as this will contribute to reducing cybercrime by winning over practitioners and turning them into innovators,” they added.

Participants at the event include: founder, Network of Incubators and Innovators in Nigeria (NINe) and CEO Nigeria Climate Innovation Centre, Bankole Oloruntoba, and President/CEO, High-Tech Centre for Women and Youth in Nigeria, Dr. (Mrs.) Wunmi Hassan.

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