Appzone, a Nigerian-based fintech is expanding the operations of its BankOne; a banking system by the fintech, into East Africa with Kenya as its destination.

Using BankOne, the fintech said it is looking to provide the functionality that enables digital banks to engage customers and deliver services without human interaction.

As part of its effort to support the digitization of the financial ecosystem in Kenya, the fintech hosted a cooperative movement – an international workshop – on Savings and Credit Cooperatives in Kenya (SACCOs).

The CEO of Appzone Core is saying…

Mudiaga Umukoro, the CEO of Appzone Core while speaking on the expansion of BankOne’s operations into Kenya said that the platform plays a significant role in the first digitization phase of Nigeria’s financial sector and came to further prominence and adoption as digital challengers and neo-banks began to emerge.

He said, “As Africa rapidly accelerates towards a fully digital banking future, it became imperative to better position BankOne to serve the continent’s growing number of Fintechs and neobanks. Our expansion into the Kenyan market follows the identification of key gaps in the availability of proper applicable and affordable banking automation technology”

Yvonne Ige, the CCO of Appzone Core stated, “We strongly believe in the exciting prospects that abound in the financial ecosystem here, we are very committed to exposing (SACCOs) and the financial system here to an efficient and approved top tier bank grade digital banking solutions that enable progress for everyone”

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