Huawei Technologies Company Limited has said the adoption of the fifth-generation network will increase the operating costs of mobile network operators in Nigeria.

The Vice President, Global Solutions and Marketing, Huawei, Mohamed Madkour, said this on the sidelines of LEAP 22, an international technology conference held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

He said Huawei would be providing some of the technology mobile network providers in Nigeria will need to deploy 5G in the country.

He said, “For us, the best way to start 5G is to have a very good foundation of 4G, and that is what we care about. All the equipment that you see here works with all generations of technology, 4G, 5G, 2G, 3G. This is how we can protect operators’ investments. So, what is our goal for the rollout of 5G in Africa? First, it has to be powerful equipment.

“Because it is powerful and will give you the experience in all market segments: consumer, enterprise, and also home. Secondly, it has to be simple. The third thing is its efficiency. The green, sustainability.”

According to Madkour, 5G will increase the daily operating cost of MNOs, which might ultimately affect the price.

He said, “In some countries, and I am sure also in Nigeria, the concern is the opex. When you add 5G, the opex will skyrocket from a commercial angle. But also from a social angle, green, sustainable.

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